What is Ceme


What it Ceme? This is the development of a game using dominoes. If there is less understanding of the origin of dominoes then Sahabat beritapoker.net can read the article “What the dominoes”. Ceme game is actually similar to the type of game Domino QQ, ketidakmiripannya is we only get two of those cards and cards with the highest score is 9 (nine). Dominoes used consists of 28 cards and each card has a different value. Card value is the sum of dots mark (dot) that exist on the two cards. The specialty of this game is that we can play a role as a city.

This Ceme game started loved and facilitated by agents of poker online, where anyone can be a player as well as the city. To be the city we only need to meet minimum requirements for the number of chips into the city. We just need to find a table that was empty bookie, then take a seat city, then so we’ve become the city Domino 99. Dominoes used consists of 28 cards and each card has a different value.


Ceme game is played by 2 to 8 players with the rules there must be one player Lapakqq  acts as the city. If there are no city ceme then the game can not begin. When a player is given two cards, the player is given the opportunity to memirit (peek) cards that have been granted, following completion piritan, new players are welcome to show his cards to all the other players. Then the cards were counted between the city and the card players. The winner is he who has the highest card value.

Calculating the Value Card (domino) Ceme
We must count the number of dots mark (dot) on both the cards that we have. Add up the dots mark on the left and right sides, as shown below. In the game ceme ceme or so-called city there are the principles of the rule:

If the total dots mark on both cards over> 9, then the value of the card so minus 10.
If the total dots mark on both the card more than> 19, then the value of the card so minus 20.

Subject Determine Winner:

If the player card number is greater than the city, the city pays the player for bets placed player, look at the picture below:

If the amount is greater than the city card player then the city will get the money for bets placed player, look at the picture below:

Bandar win if the value of the card is the same city with the player. Playing as a bookie and player there advantages and disadvantages of each. Play as the city could lose money if many players at the table often has a value card on the city card. If the player then we try our cards on the value of airports, for more details see example image below:

If the player get kiu (9) and the city under the cue cards (9), the city pays the player as much as 2X of the amount of bets players. For example, if Player installed 100 then the city has to pay the player 200. Note the picture below:

If the city get Kiu (9), then all players automatically pay to the city. That is because the highest card is 9 and the players that are in losing status if they have a card that is equal to the city. If your player then pray the city do not often have cue cards ^ _ ^.

Cue cards (9) is the highest card in the game ceme. The city has a total victory over all bets if the player has cue cards (9), the following is an example of a combination of cue cards (9):

So good luck friend beritapoker.net this game! Hopefully article “What Does It Ceme” is useful. Try to act as a bookie and player, use good opportunities and calculations done in playing that role. A few news article with the title What’s It Ceme.